Thank You, God, For Choosing Me

There are some times I’ve drifted so far,
I think I’ve sank as far a I can.
And that’s the time I’m in need of
Immediate lifting.

There are some times I’ve felt so bad,
Knowing I needed to be restored, but
In my mind it’s as though I need to
Feel worthy in order for my healing to begin.

Sometimes it seems I’ve run out of script
And I have no more ink left to continue to write
On all the blank pages still left in my storybook ~
It’s at that point I come to realize all my days were
Already accounted for before I ever saw the light of
Day and each one is recorded in God’s book of love.

At the lowest points in my life I found out that
God never ends the story without bringing back the
Glory, honor, and praise that is due to Him.
And because as a child of God I’m wearing His name,
He made sure my story was complete before He ever
Formed me in my mother’s womb.

God is good all the time and all the time God is good.
Thank You, God, for choosing me and using me
As only You could!

Copyright 2004 Crystal Johnson


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